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Simplify the way you do business by providing a safe and convenient method to manage business and travel expenses.

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TFB Corporate Card

The TFB VISA® Corporate Card offers business travelers a convenient way to pay their business expenses, eliminating the need to use personal funds or company cash advances.

  • Effectively manage your company’s travel and entertainment expenses
  • Minimizes paperwork and administrative costs associated with expense reporting
  • Flexible spending controls with defined limits for transaction amounts, merchant categories and spending frequency
  • Reporting option and spending analysis allow you to manage your budget, cash flow and employee spending           

*See the card’s application for Important Disclosures for current terms, rates, and fees. Credit Cards are subject to credit approval.

TFB Debit MasterCard® BusinessCard

  • Make purchases
  • Pay bills automatically
  • Issue cards to members of your staff with no annual fees
  • Set daily cash withdrawal and purchase limits for each card
  • Withdraw cash, check balances or transfer funds between accounts instantly
  • Reduce your need for petty cash
  • Track where your money is spent
  • Write fewer checks

*See a Schedule of Fees for other charges that may apply.


MasterCard® SecureCode

MasterCard® SecureCode is the easy new way to enjoy added security for all your online MasterCard® debit card purchases.

We offer this great service at no additional charge. Registration is a simple process. If you are already enrolled, you can manage your SecureCode Account.

Enroll Your Debit CardManage Account

Pre-Paid VISA® Cards

An innovative way to replace cash and checks without the fear of credit card debt because they are prepaid and reloadable! You load the card(s) with your own money to make purchases everywhere VISA® debit cards are accepted.

TFB offers 3 types of pre-paid VISA® cards:

  • Gift - Give the gift that’s exactly right.
  • Reloadable - Our reloadable cards can be used to receive direct deposit of payroll or fund business expenses.
  • Travel - If you are traveling out of the country, you can purchase travel cards instead of traveler’s checks.

For more information on all of our cards including TFB Corporate Card, Debit MasterCard® Business Card, or Pre-Paid VISA® Cards, please contact us.

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