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Getting Started

What does TFB Wealth Management charge to meet with me?
We do not charge a fee for an introductory meeting. We value the opportunity to establish a relationship with you.

What do I need to bring with me to meet with a TFB Wealth Management Advisor?
Please bring with you any statements of accounts you would like us to analyze (e.g. Retirement or 401 (k) statements, bank statements, mortgage and/or debt statements, and life insurance policies).

What is the core component of TFB’s Wealth Management strategy?
Simply put – Reasonable growth while mitigating risk through Diversification and Asset Allocation.

Does TFB Wealth Management require a minimum account size?

Do I have to invest with TFB Wealth Management if I just want financial planning?
Planning is included with our investment management services, but in cases where this is not necessary, we offer planning at an hourly rate.

What is a fiduciary and why is this important?
A fiduciary is someone who is bound ethically to act in the best interest of another, using the same care and consideration as though they were acting for themselves.

Will asset allocation increase or decrease my balance?

Asset allocation does not ensure a profit or protect against loss. There is no guarantee that a diversified portfolio will enhance overall returns or outperform a non-diversified portfolio. Diversification does not protect again market risk.

New Customers

How often will my wealth advisor reach out to me about my plan?
We will monitor your plan annually, as agreed upon. If TFB Wealth Management manages your investments, reviews will be performed at least quarterly.

What are your fees?
Fees vary, depending on the services required and the account size. If your investments are managed by TFB, we do not charge for a financial plan.

How often do I receive statements?
Statements are generally provided quarterly, or more frequently if desired. Statements are available monthly on our website.

How will my assets be invested?
Our investment strategy may vary slightly from one client to the next, as each client’s needs are unique. Typically accounts may include a globally diversified portfolio of equity and fixed income ETF’s, mutual funds, individual stocks and bonds.

Existing Customers

What if my account loses value?
One thing is certain – markets go up and markets go down. We provide rational sound advice based on our knowledge and experience. Nobody can accurately predict the timing of market corrections, so we do not subscribe to the practice of market timing. Investing is a long-term process. We expect and anticipate there will be market corrections throughout your investing process. During times of market retraction or expansion, we will adjust your asset allocation to align with your goals.

Will you get me out of the markets if there is a downturn?
No, we believe in staying invested, even during market downturns. Studies have consistently shown that investors cannot accurately time the ebbs and flows of the markets. Staying invested has historically produced better results by avoiding missed opportunities as markets recover.

Can we review performance?
We sit down with each Wealth Management client and review the performance of each portfolio annually unless otherwise requested.

Will my future results be the same as my past performance?

Past performance does not guarantee future results.




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